Getting Started

InspoShop is a free service/ program that allows influencers and bloggers to monetize their content by creating links and widgets of the products they like and sharing them on their blogs, websites, and other applications.
How does InspoShop help me monetize my website?
InspoShop provides you multiple ways to monetize your website. It can be done either by creating text links and attaching them to your blog or creating Widgets which helps you to place multiple products together in your blog posts for readers to click on or you can link products to your pictures using our picture tool or InstaShop feature.
Since you are here, you have already started. All you need to do is “Sign up as a blogger” and start using all our amazing features. For further detailed assistance regarding features, you can go through these slides here.

How to Use InspoShop

Our Dashboard gives you a deeper insight about the overall data generated from your buyer’s behaviour. You get full transparency, so that you can see your account analytics and keep a track of your overall revenue generated.
How can I create a widget on Insposhop and attach it to my page?
The process is quite simple: Go to Create New Widget and select the items you want to include. Then click on “Select your layout” tab on the top and enter a Widget name. Set the dimensions and layout of your choice. Once done, click on publish, copy the code provided and paste in your blog, and the products would automatically be added to your article.
Favorites ia a tool which helps you collect all your loved products and organizing them into Lists or share them with friends. You can add any item to your Favorites by clicking on the in the upper right-hand corner of any product page.
As the name suggests, the lookbook feature allows you to create multiple looks and link it directly to your blog pages. These looks would be added to your InspoShop public profile too, which you can link with your social media pages and make your feed shoppable.
Yes. All your linked posts, lookbooks and favorites would be posted on your InspoShop public profile, which you can link to you social media bio and monetize your profile.

About InspoShop

All product links you use are “InspoShop-enabled” which helps us keeping a track of the number of purchases happening through your page. You will get a commission for each of the item that has been ordered through your users.
I don’t have a blog, can I still apply?
Yes absolutely. Even if you don't have a blog yet, you can earn by hosting your content on our site. You have multiple other methods of linking products to your Images, favorites or lookbooks.
InspoShop has thousands of reputed brands and stores across every category, from beauty, apparel, shoes, and accessories.
No, the brands we host are from all different demographics, giving you the liberty to select the ideal product for your content from our vast and vivid collection from any part of the world.
Yes, InspoShop is a 100% free sign up service. There are no extra hidden charges applied for the usage.
No, Presently our services are only on website. But here’s a good news… We are currently developing a solution and soon we will be available on app too. For the time being you can use our smart tool on your desktop/ laptop.
Outdated and out-of-stock product links will be automatically replaced with live ones so that you don't have to manually go through all your content and update them.